posted by: Kram1000 (reply)
post date: 02.25.13 (3:28 am)

Here in Aus we have been graced with an American entity called "Costco" 2 years and 3 stores.
wondering what all the hype was about we visited Costco........
I have never felt agoraphobia in my life until I visited the "entity"
What a nightmare!
Sounds a bit like what you are describing above.
I am definitely not a Costco shopper.
But there are huge crowds of larger than life people who are.

posted by: PassingAlien (reply)
post date: 02.25.13 (3:50 am)

lol, yes Costco!... nightmare of a place. :)

posted by: Barnabus1 (reply)
post date: 02.25.13 (9:30 am)

As this country has become more leftist and Liberal, the manners of many have fallen to incredible new lows...along with the morality that we used to have...They want NO morals, and this is just an indication of what will follow! It will get worse...much worse!!

posted by: PassingAlien (reply)
post date: 02.25.13 (10:09 am)

Reply to: Barnabus1
I think people have forgotten the true meaning of being liberal. liberal is a word derived from liberty and it used to be attributed to people who dared to be different, to retain their individuality in the face of (as you put it) tyranny and fought the collective order.
most precious divine gift to each and every one of us that is no longer recognized as such is our individuality.
and i agree with you about declination of morality, when it happens to almost everyone at the same time, it only proves that most have traded their individuality with the uniformity that comes with being a collective.

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